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In episode 39 of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Chelsie Hall, founder of ViralMoment, a startup AI social intelligence tool. Hall was the winner of the Startup Challenge at this year's Total Retail Tech event. Listen in as Hall provides an overview of ViralMoment (1:05), how brands can implement and access insights using the tool (2:00), and her professional journey to launching the company (3:25). She shares the wide variety of industries that can benefit from ViralMoment’s social insights (5:25), how social video has altered consumer buying behavior (7:05), and her thoughts on how retailers and brands are currently capturing trends from social video (9:00).

In addition, Hall discusses the rising adoption of shoppable video by U.S. retailers and consumers (10:45), shares an example of ViralMoment’s work with a beauty brand (12:05), and identifies the business benefits that retailers can realize with the right social listening strategy (16:25). Lastly, she forecasts how TikTok Shop will impact the retail industry (18:22), details the interplay between shoppable video and physical retail (21:10) and offers best practices for brands just entering the social video space (23:35).

Chelsie Hall is the CEO of ViralMoment, an AI company that can watch hundreds of thousands of social videos so that the biggest brands in the world can understand social trends, decode internet culture, and see where the market is moving. She's pioneering the future of market research and social insights. Hall is obsessed with understanding the way that influence moves through society, as well as creative ways to understand audiences and what matters to them.

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